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Use our intelligent app or turnkey service solutions to manage wash sale effects and prepare IRS-ready trader tax reporting.

Few things are worse than paying taxes on money you never made.

You’re a trader, you make intelligent trading decisions for success. Why should your trader tax results be determined by a broker-provided 1099-B that may be incomplete or even increase your tax liability?

TradeLog empowers traders with tools needed to do more than create tax reports:

Take control of your wash sales

Take advantage of special tax rules

Switch to trader tax status

Wish someone else would just do it for you? We provide turnkey service solutions allowing you to focus your time on trading while we take care of the tax part.

It’s about more than just creating tax reports.

Trader taxes are complicated and we are committed to your success.

  • Comprehensive Education Topics and Support Center
  • Real technical support people who are TradeLog experts
  • Trusted by thousands of traders and trader tax pros for over 23 years
  • TradeLog’s reporting has never been rejected by the IRS

My taxes would be so difficult without TradeLog. The more I use it the more amazed [I am] at what it can do. When I send in my taxes to the IRS I feel confident that I can back up my reporting and know that it is correct.

M. Wilson

I just want to give a huge THANK YOU to you all on the Support team for being so responsive and helpful – it’s rare for companies to be like this and really care and help the customer, it doesn’t go unnoticed. Absolutely amazing.

Nikkos S.

The figures generated by TradeLog on our taxes indicate a loss of $17,379.51 as opposed to the $100,000+ gain [the broker] was reporting with their 1099-B… words are inadequate to express the relief I am feeling because of it! To say that TradeLog’s results are better than [the broker’s] is a gross understatement! Soooo glad that we found you TradeLog!”

Vanessa R.

I have been putting off my taxes because frankly I was worried about what a mess I had made this past year with trading across multiple accounts. Working through the step-by-step guide and getting support and help from you all saved me likely a ton of CPA money and allowed me to go ahead and file on time instead of doing an extension. Thanks so much!

Corey B.

You folks support your product so well and will have my loyalty for as long as my portfolio lasts – hopefully a lifetime! TradeLog just does, so simply and easily, what Quicken and similar programs and even the best tax prep software simply are not built to do.

Andre K.

The best tech support I have ever received in 30 plus years.

D. Devine

I can recommend TradeLog as I have used it for some time now, 10 years to be specific. If you are an active trader and/or investor, you will find it extremely valuable as an accounting tool… Personally, I would not be able to do my taxes without it, as the IRS is adamant about your accounting for capital gains and losses….they must be accurate! You folks are always professional and the software is top notch.

Michael S.

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Many traders think they can rely solely on broker-provided 1099-B for tax reporting, but you’re smarter than that!

Likely you are here because you learned the IRS requires traders make additional wash sale adjustments for common situations. Or, you found the 1099-B may increase tax liability – sometimes even causing traders to owe taxes when they actually lost money. Because the 1099-B lacks important details it can be impossible to make additional adjustments or even understand the results. And by the time it’s issued there is nothing you can do to control any harmful wash sale situations.

TradeLog uses actual trade history and supports importing from some 30 major brokers. Matching trades and applying IRS wash sale rules required for taxpayers across all accounts, and for stocks and options. While harmful wash sale effects can’t always be avoided, TradeLog’s algorithms seek to reduce negative consequences if possible, but still compliant to IRS rules.

Your first year using TradeLog is usually the most challenging. Since you’ll need to establish an accurate starting point, more research and manual entry may be involved. We provide a wizard to help guide the process, along with a fantastic support team. Rather have someone else do it for you? Talk to our Service Team about turn-key TradeLog solutions.