Since 1999 TradeLog has provided tools and solutions to help traders prepare tax reporting, understand complex laws and concepts, and become better traders. We believe trader tax reporting should be prepared accurately – as required by law – and in the best interests of the trader. TradeLog works with leading trader tax experts to provide reporting and resources trusted by both taxpayers and CPAs. Beyond taxes, we also seek to help our trader community to get access to information, resources, and partners who can help them succeed.

TradeLog is a division of Cogenta Computing, Inc. Our headquarters is in Atlanta, Georgia and our team operates remotely. 

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Trader taxes can be complicated. Whether using TradeLog yourself or tapping into our service solutions – we know you’ll need help along the way. We pride ourselves in providing the best support possible.

TradeLog got its start from a couple of traders who needed a tool they could use every day. We continue to cater to the needs of traders and highly active investors.

We’ve been making complex wash sale adjustments with computer algorithms for over 20 years. Our published education resources – articles, white papers, and videos –  have helped countless traders to understand wash sales and their impact on the bottom-line.

In the two decades we’ve been producing trader tax reporting, we’ve never received a report that the IRS rejected our calculations. In fact, many traders have come to TradeLog because they were being audited and needed to redo their trader tax reports.

Sadly, many traders start off not even thinking about taxes until after their first year, then being stuck with the consequences. Using TradeLog, traders take control. We empower them with reports and tools to monitor the effects of wash sales throughout the year, as well as analyzing overall performance along various metrics.

Successful traders would often rather spend their time earning profits than preparing tax reports. Enter TradeLog Services, providing turnkey solutions for your IRS-ready trader tax reporting.


Timothy Terzian

President & CEO

Noreen Terzian

Vice President

Jason Derbyshire

Vice President of TradeLog

Robert Remaily

Operations Manager


For over 22 years, TradeLog has generated accurate, IRS-ready tax reporting and provided exceptional support for thousands of traders and active investors.

In the late 1990s, Tim Terzian was actively day trading and commented to his brother-in-law, and fellow trader, Dave Eich: “I wish I had a program to replace my spreadsheets and keep a log of all my trading, for all my accounts.” Dave was also a software developer, and soon after, he sent Tim the first iteration of what would become the TradeLog application.

Initially, TradeLog was intended as a tool to analyze performance. It quickly became clear to Dave and Tim: this could make tax reporting much easier. At that time, 1099-B reports only listed proceeds – it was the taxpayer’s responsibility to track cost basis and make dreaded wash sale adjustments. And so, TradeLog was born as a tool especially for trader taxes. Dave Eich formed Armen Computing, Ltd. and began marketing online in 1999.

Over the years, TradeLog continued to evolve. Working with leading trader tax experts reporting was developed to support Section 475 Trader Tax Status, Section 1256 treatment, IRA wash sales, complex ETF/ETN needs, and more.

The 2008 overhaul of 1099-B requirements meant that brokers would provide taxpayers with reporting of cost basis details and limited wash sale adjustments. At first it appeared that TradeLog would no longer be needed. In theory the 1099-B would be everything needed for reporting capital gains from trading. But by the time the new requirements went into effect in 2012, it was quickly apparent: many traders cannot rely on the 1099-B for final tax reporting! Since that time, TradeLog has continued to grow and expand to serve even more traders, who would otherwise have inflated tax liabilities because of 1099-B reporting.

In 2017, Cogenta Computing, Inc. acquired TradeLog. Coming full circle – Tim Terzian (now CEO of Cogenta) – began a reinvestment in the TradeLog brand. Beginning with a renewed focus on customer support. In 2022, Trader Tax Solutions was merged into the brand, becoming TradeLog Services – and providing more options to fit the needs of TradeLog customers.

Despite challenges along the way, the future of TradeLog is bright. We are grateful for the tremendous loyalty of many successful traders – some of whom have been using TradeLog for nearly 20 years! While we seek to continue enhancing our application and services, we remain committed to providing accurate trader tax reporting with the best customer support in the industry.