Active traders need to find the right trader tax CPA.



When seeking a CPA specialized in trader taxes, prioritize expertise and experience. Look for a professional with a proven track record in handling the complexities of tax laws related to trading activities. Ensure they are experienced with the specific types of trading activities you engage in. They should understand the implications of various entity structures (sole proprietorship, LLC, S-corporation), and can guide you on tax-efficient strategies that fit your trading style.

Effective communication is key. The CPA should be able to explain intricate tax concepts clearly and be responsive to your inquiries. Additionally, check their availability as the best CPAs are in high demand. Understand the fee structure and make sure it aligns with your budget, considering whether it’s based on hourly rates or flat fees for specific services.

Anyone can claim to know trader taxes, so seek client references to gauge the CPA’s reputation and reliability. A commitment to continuing education is also a positive sign, demonstrating their dedication to staying updated on evolving tax laws. By focusing on these key factors, you can find a CPA who not only understands the intricacies of trader taxes but also communicates effectively and provides reliable service during tax season and beyond.


Listed below are tax professionals recommended by TradeLog users and who specialize in helping active traders.

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GNM Trader Tax has been an authorized accounting service provider to TradeLog since 2001 when Robert A. Green, CPA was instrumental in helping to develop the Section 475 mark-to-market (MTM) accounting features of TradeLog application. 

GNM Trader Tax goes beyond just generating tax forms 8949, 4797 and 6781 using TradeLog software. As experienced CPAs preparing and planning tax returns for active traders, they deal with wash sale loss adjustments, qualification for trader tax status (TTS), making timely Section 475 elections with Section 481(a) adjustments, and determining tax treatment differences between securities, Section 1256 contracts, and other financial instruments. Since 1983, traders have used their trade accounting and tax compliance services to comply with trader tax law and maximize tax benefits.  

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