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Expert accountants understand the challenges involved with generating accurate IRS-ready tax reporting for their active trader and investor clients:

  • Broker-provided 1099-B reporting is typically inadequate for clients with multiple brokerage accounts or who trade in stocks and options
  • Wash sale rules are complicated, and few software applications can accurately calculate them
  • Many clients are trading more complex instruments requiring special tax treatment – like broad-based index options, ETF options, futures, and FOREX
  • Traders who elect Section 475(f) and use the Mark-to-Market (MTM) method require specialized accounting and reporting

TradeLog software has generated accurate, IRS-ready tax reporting for active traders and investors since 1999 and is a trusted tool for CPAs specializing in trader tax reporting. TradeLog PRO allows accountants, tax preparers, wealth managers, and other professionals to prepare TradeLog reporting for clients – whether or not the client uses TradeLog personally.

Prepare IRS Compliant Reporting
  • Accurate calculations based on rules for taxpayers, not brokers.
  • Produce reporting for Form 8949, Form 4797, Form 6781 and more.
  • Simplifies section 475(f) Mark-to-Market accounting procedures and reporting.
Provide Expert Guidance
  • Help clients avoid costly wash sale situations using TradeLog’s Potential Wash Sale reporting.
  • Provide accounting and performance analysis for complete client portfolio including multiple brokerage accounts – cash basis, MTM and IRA.
Use Professional Features
  • Extensive editing tools for needed adjustments
  • Use TradeLog software for multiple clients and tax years
  • Utilize and support client-provided TradeLog Files
  • Prioritized phone and email support


  • Supports multiple clients/entities with no limits on TradeLog File Keys
  • Unlimited number of TradeLog File Keys can be purchased per tax year (discounts available on bulk purchases)
  • Generates reporting for cash basis or mark-to-market accounting methods
  • Open and edit TradeLog Files created by clients needing professional help
  • Create TradeLog Files for use by clients with a registered TradeLog software license
  • One hour personalized start-up support and training session for new users, along with continuing education offered throughout the year
  • Prioritized phone and email support for TradeLog PRO users


Listed price reflect a base minimum. Contact us to receive a custom quote based on your specific TradeLog PRO needs.



$499 / YEAR

  • Subscription periods are for one calendar year and billed annually.
  • Prices vary based on number of users and installation requirements. Contact us to arrange a custom quote based on your needs.


$79 EACH

  • One File Key required for each client/taxpayer, for one tax year
  • One File Key included with each annual subscription
  • Volume discounts may be available, contact us for more details