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Who’s in control of your trader taxes?
You… or your broker?

Each year too many traders pay taxes on money they never made simply because of wash sale rules and 1099-B reporting.

Take control of your trader taxes using the intelligent TradeLog app to manage wash sale effects and prepare IRS-ready reporting. Plus, check out free Trader Tax Education designed to help you.

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Each one-year subscription includes one (1) File Key – required to unlock finalized tax reporting for a TradeLog file. Most TradeLog users do not need to purchase additional File Keys. But, what if…

  • You need to complete reporting for multiple past tax years?
  • You need to use TradeLog for another taxpayer such as your spouse (filing separately) or an entity you control?

You can purchase additional File Keys anytime for $79 each, as long as you have an active subscription. Login to view your options and pricing.

There is no limit on how many File Keys you can purchase. However, TradeLog will limit to using no more than seven (7) File Keys during any one-year period of time. See our FAQ to learn more.

Many traders think they can rely solely on broker-provided 1099-B for tax reporting, but you’re smarter than that!

Likely you are here because you learned the IRS requires traders make additional wash sale adjustments for common situations. Or, you found the 1099-B may increase tax liability – sometimes even causing traders to owe taxes when they actually lost money. Because the 1099-B lacks important details it can be impossible to make additional adjustments or even understand the results. And by the time it’s issued there is nothing you can do to control any harmful wash sale situations.

TradeLog uses actual trade history and supports importing from some 30 major brokers. Matching trades and applying IRS wash sale rules required for taxpayers across all accounts, and for stocks and options. While harmful wash sale effects can’t always be avoided, TradeLog’s algorithms seek to reduce negative consequences if possible, but still compliant to IRS rules.

Your first year using TradeLog is usually the most challenging. Since you’ll need to establish an accurate starting point, more research and manual entry may be involved. We provide a wizard to help guide the process, along with a fantastic support team. Rather have someone else do it for you? Talk to our Service Team about turn-key TradeLog solutions.